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In-Depth Interviewing

In-Depth Interviewing

ISBN 9780733980121
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Education Australia

In-Depth Interviewing 3e provides a detailed discussion of the use of in-depth interviewing as a research tool for collecting data to better understand people. This Australian text provides students, researchers and practitioners with a thorough exposition of the value of using in-depth interviewing in qualitative research. Examples of research are used across the disciplines to show its wide applicability. Like the previous editions, the book goes beyond simply providing a description of collecting data by this method. It shows the reader the relationship between theory and research; the complex human side of the fieldwork process; the logic of doing in-depth interviewing; the connections between data collection, analysis and report writing; and the repertoire of field strategies one might develop in order to cope with the social and political context of qualitative research.

The book is written for both an undergraduate and postgraduate social sciences and health sciences audience, with the authors spanning the disciplines of sociology, education, gerontology, public health and music.

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