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In the Firing Line: Violence and Power in Child Protection Work

In the Firing Line: Violence and Power in Child Protection Work

ISBN 9780471998853
Publication Date
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Serious child protection failures haunt health and welfare agencies around the world. Based on interviews with protective workers and rigorous examination of their cases, this ground breaking book draws links between the traumatised and isolated child protection worker and the traumatised and isolated re-abused child. This book judiciously uses the words of the workers themselves to bring alive the stresses of life In the Firing Line. Case studies highlight the full extent of violence in many children's lives. The authors propose that, in serious cases of abuse, new approaches and understandings are required if children are to be protected from repeated abuse, long-term psychological injury and even death. First book to clearly make the connection between violence against child protection workers and the impact on their ability to protect the child Tackles the very important, but often neglected, topic of the power balance between clients and social workers Presents a wealth of research findings and real-life examples from practice

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