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Indigenous Religions: A Companion

Indigenous Religions: A Companion

ISBN 9780304704484
Publisher Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.
The 17 chapters are divided among three parts labelled "People", "Power" and "Gifts" which encapsulate much of what is significant about a diversity of religions which are often pragmatic, multi-stranded, layered, non-dogmatic but unanalytical. They are frequently concerned with reciprocal rather than hierarchical relationships. Some challenge the obesssion with deities, showing that religions are concerned with a far broader range of relationships, many initiated and furthered by humanity not by putative "spiritual" beings. Others challenge obsessions about the afterlife or next world, showing that religions can be concerned with the pursuit of health, wealth and happiness in this world now. The possibility that this is true of all religions makes this Companion relevant to everyone interested in human religiosity today.

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