Innervation: Redesign Yourself for a Smarter Future

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Innervation: Redesign Yourself for a Smarter Future 9781843040026

ISBN : 9781843040026
Publisher : Momentum
Author(s) :
Overview "'This book makes you feel better about everything, and that's the first reason to read it...You'll want to read every sentence, and how often can you say that of a book?" "the Daily Mail In the new economy you're on your own - you have more opportunities than ever, but you also have to be more creative, more flexible and above all more likeable than ever before. Yes, you. Learn the vital new skill - personal innovation - and get the right stuff for a bright future. For centuries, technology has been mass-producing products, jobs and human beings. But that was then, this is now. Now is the age of the individual - millions of different people with millions of different options and opportunities. Except now you're in a game without rules, in a world without frontiers, in organisations so flat you can see all the way to the horizon. And everything is on fast forward. You're head-to-head with a new business reality. How quickly can you listen, learn, adapt, attack? The new economy needs a new kind of person. Personal innovation is the new skill for anyone who wants a future in business. It's about how to imagine, to create, to build teams, networks, relationships, fulfilling lives.Most of all it's about challenging and rebuilding the one thing you DO have total control over - you. It's time to de-layer yourself, right-size your ego and vertically integrate your entire life. Here's your new economy, new lifestyle survival guide. You won't want to leave home without it.


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