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Inorganic Organometallic Mechanisms

Inorganic Organometallic Mechanisms

ISBN 9780471188971
Edition 2 Rev ed
Publication Date
Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc
This title provides detailed coverage of classic inorganic reaction mechanisms and organometallic reaction mechanisms. The coverage of the mechanisms expected for reactions of transitions metal complex includes the kinetic studies used to differentiate possible mechanisms. This combination of coordination complexes and organometallic complexes is unique to this title. Describing how transition metal complexes react and the type of data used to determine how complexes react, this work provides excellent introductions, extensive problems, and thought-provoking summaries in every chapter. Complete with excellent references, this second edition has been updated with new problems and increased information on NMR techniques, dissociative reactions of square-planar complexes, seventeen-electron complexes, organometallic transfer, and oxidative-addition and reductive-elimination reactions. The only current text on inorganic mechanisms, this book is ideal for students and chemists who deal with inorganic and organometallic reagents.

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