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Inside Macromedia Director 6 with Lingo

Inside Macromedia Director 6 with Lingo

ISBN 9781562057282
Publisher New Riders Publishing
The only comprehensive, professional treatment of Director to take the reader beyond the basics of the documentation set to the intermediate and advanced level uses of Director.
-- Full of detailed techniques, tips, and notes provided by the top experts in the multimedia industry
-- Complete coverage of how to incorporate sound, video, animation, and 3D graphics into your movies
-- Learn how to use Lingo effectively while learning Director with 200 pages devoted to teaching Lingo
-- No programming necessary -- Contains over 100 complete Lingo scripts ready for you to plug right in to your Director productions

New Riders' Inside series has been overwhelmingly accepted by the graphics/multimedia marketplace as evidence of Inside 3D Studio, Inside Adobe Photoshop, and Inside Macromedia Director 5 with Lingo.

Inside Macromedia Director 5 with Lingo made a serious impact in the multimedia authoring industry, offering the first comprehensive look at Director. This was also the first book to present Director and Lingo in the same package so that users could learn the two simultaneously to get the most professional results possible. Inside Macromedia Director 5 with Lingo boasts the most experienced team of authors -- Director experts who tell all their secrets for getting high-end results.

The next edition builds on the success of the first and provides even more comprehensive coverage of Director, more insider techniques, more detailed information on using Lingo effectively, and more Lingo scripts.

Inside Macromedia Director 6 with Lingo is a comprehensive look at using Director and creating professional multimedia products. The reader is led beyond the documentation setto explore Director's full potential through intermediate and advanced tutorials.

Presented by multimedia masters, readers will find detailed coverage of Director 6's new features and how to use graphics, sound, 3D, video and Xtras. Inside Macromedia Director 6 with Lingo also offers an intensive section on using Lingo, written by one of the foremost Lingo authorities in addition to a library of over 100 complete scripts. A detailed section on Web multimedia techniques shows readers how to take advantage of Director 6's new Internet features.
-- Project files, sound files, sample movies, still images
-- 100+ Lingo scripts - ready to use immediately!
-- Buttons, textures, custom fonts, backgrounds, etc.
-- Latest Demo version of Director and other Macromedia applications

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