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Integrated Calculus: Calculus with Precalculus and Algebra

Integrated Calculus: Calculus with Precalculus and Algebra

ISBN 9780618219506
Publisher Houghton Mifflin
The only text on the market that truly integrates calculus with precalculus and algebra in a two-semester course appropriate for math and science majors, Integrated Calculus uses a student-friendly approach without sacrificing rigor. Students learn about logic and proofs early in the text then apply these skills throughout the course to different types of functions.This combined approach allows students to eliminate a pure precalculus course and focus on calculus, with a point-of-use presentation of necessary algebra and precalculus concepts.Algebra and precalculus topics are integrated into the text to provide instruction and review just prior to using these concepts in a calculus context. This helps students see the relevance and connectedness of the mathematics.Because of the text's integration of algebra, limits, and derivatives, students are able to fully review all the components of a specific function.Concept Questions begin each exercise set and test students' understanding of definitions, theorems, and concepts from the reading. The remaining exercises are divided into Skills, Applications, and Proofs sections.

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