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Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with OpenGL

Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with OpenGL

ISBN 9780201385977
Edition 2 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Addison Wesley
This introductory text recognizes that beginners learn computer graphics more quickly by doing it. Taking a top-down approach, the book gets you started early in writing interesting 3D graphics programs. Each chapter is built around a nontrivial application program. In this programming context, key principles and techniques are explained as needed and in increasing detail. Coverage includes all the topics required for a fundamental understanding of computer graphics, such as light-material interactions, shading, modeling, curves and surfaces, anti-aliasing, texture mapping, and compositing, as well as important hardware issues. To enable this top-down approach, the book first describes an important application programmers interface, OpenGL, a graphics library available on most platforms, from high-end graphics workstations to PCs. This high-level interface and a basic knowledge of C programming allow you to generate complex interactive applications, even applications involving 3D viewing and event-driven input. OpenGLs well-defined architecture also facilitates the books technical discussions of algorithm implementations. The Second Edition of this widely used book features enhanced discussion of hierarchy and object orientation, visualization, interaction, and projection; includes additional code examples, such as two new variants of the Sierpinski gasket, display of hierarchical models, shadow generation, and visualization; and covers functionality added to OpenGL 1.1, including vertex arrays. 020138597XB04062001

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