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Interdisciplinary Elementary Physical Education

Interdisciplinary Elementary Physical Education

ISBN 9780736072151
Edition 2 Rev ed
Publication Date
Publisher Human Kinetics Publishers
This new edition guides the reader in integrating the content of language, arts, mathematics, science and social studies with the content of physical education through active learning experiences. This book provides 24 learning experiences in the five academic areas, 193 additional ideas for developing those learning experiences and 37 new, ongoing strategies for teaching physical education through cross-curricular methods.In part I, the reader will learn about the theoretical need for and benefits of interdisciplinary teaching and learning. The authors identify models for planning and implementing interdisciplinary experiences and provide ideas for getting started, building a support network and assessing learning. In part II, the authors describe sample learning experiences in each of the five academic disciplines and offer ideas for developing additional learning experiences. This book will give students a wealth of knowledge while they're being active. They'll have fun while they conjugate, calculate, investigate, explore, dance and move across the curriculum.

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