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International Management: Culture, Strategy and Behavior

International Management: Culture, Strategy and Behavior

ISBN 9780073135854
Edition 6 Rev ed
Publisher McGraw Hill Higher Education
This product has been discontinued.
As a discipline of academy inquiry, international management applies management concepts and techniques to their contexts in firms working in multinational, multicultural environments. Hodgetts'Luthans: "International Management" was the first mainstream International Management text in the market. Its 6th edition continues to set the standard for international management texts with its research-based content and its balance between culture, strategy, and behavior. "International Management" stresses the balanced approach and the synergy/connection between the text's four parts: Environment (3 chapters): Culture (4 chapters), Strategy and Functions (4 chapters) and Organizational Behavior /Human Resource Management (4 chapters).

Due Date 22/12/2018

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