International News in the Twenty-first Century

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International News in the Twenty-first Century 9781860205965

ISBN : 9781860205965
Publisher : John Libbey & Co Ltd
Author(s) :
Edition : New ed
Overview In the aftermath of September 11, the nature of international news has resumed a central place in media debates and political analysis. In the first collection of its kind, influential journalists and scholars probe the future of international news. Topics include the conglomerates, ethnocentric imbalances in news reporting, the rise of non-Anglo news channels, approaches for reconstructing the international news agenda, the impacts of new technologies of production and diffusion, international news rhetoric, and audiences' imagination of the "global" and their perceptions of international news coverage. In a dialogue that is both descriptive and prescriptive, this book begins an encounter between media practitioners, activists, and academics, constituencies that have tended to talk past each other but are now beginning to find some shared concerns.

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