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International Trade

International Trade

ISBN 9781138824386
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Publisher Routledge

Trade impacts on the lives of all global citizens, influencing the range of commodities available for consumption and where those commodities are produced. Driven increasingly by market exchange, trade shapes the nature of work and how the costs and benefits of that work are distributed around the world. Economic growth and development are closely associated with the flows of goods and services between countries. International Trade: The Basics offers an accessible and engaging introduction to contemporary debates on international trade, inviting readers to explore the connections between national political economies within a globally integrated world.

Topics covered include:

Why nations trade

Globalization and transnational production networks

Transnational governance

The emergence of Asia as a major trade region

Ethical trade and environmental sustainability

Trade in solar energy, services and ideas.

Featuring case studies and social media links that help to illustrate key concepts, this book is an essential read for anyone seeking to understand how trade varies between regions, affects relationships between countries and influences a country’s social, political and economic life.

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