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Int'l Trade Law C&M 2e

Course Codes : LLM525

Int'l Trade Law C&M 2e

ISBN 9780455218908
Edition 2 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Law Book Co of Australasia
International Trade Law, 2nd Edition is designed for students and practitioners seeking a variety of primary materials on international trade and investment.  This edition has been extensively revised.  All chapters have been updated and some have been expanded or had significant changes including: Chapter 12: dealing with international dispute resolution; Chapter 5: dealing with transport; Chapter 13-24: concerning the World Trade Organisation (WTO), including changes to reflect the important jurisprudence which has arisen from the dispute settlement process of the WTO; and Appendix: a new appendix on research methiods has been added to provide a brief introduction to the many Internet resources that are currently available to assist the international legal student or practitioner. Table of Contents PART 1 INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1 OVERVIEW CHAPTER 2 INTERDISCIPLINARY PERSPECTIVES ON INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND INVESTMENT CHAPTER 3 THE LEGAL SYSTEMS OF THE WORLD PART 2 INTERNATIONAL TRADING CHAPTER 4 THE CONTRACT OF SALE CHAPTER 5 TRANSPORT CHAPTER 6 INTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS PART 3 MARKETING AND LICENSING CHAPTER 7 DISTRIBUTORS CHAPTER 8 AGENCY CHAPTER 9 FRANCHISING CHAPTER 10 LICENSING PART 4 COMMERCIAL DISPUTE RESOLUTION CHAPTER 11 NEGOTIATION, MEDIATION AND LITIGATION CHAPTER 12 ARBITRATION CHAPTER 13 GATT AND THE WTO CHAPTER 14 GATT/WTO AND DISPUTE SETTLEMENT CHAPTER 15 SERVICES TRADE AND THE EVOLVING LEGAL PRINCIPLES OF GATT/WTO CHAPTER 16 AGRICULTURE CHAPTER 17 REGIONALISM, CUSTOMS UNIONS AND FREE TRADE AREAS CHAPTER 18 DOMESTIC IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE RULES CHAPTER 19 ASSESSING CUSTOMS DUTIES CHAPTER 20 REGULATION OF ANTI-DUMPING ACTIONS CHAPTER 21 REGULATION OF SUBSIDIES AND COUNTERVAILING DUTIES CHAPTER 22 REGULATION OF FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN AUSTRALIA CHAPTER 23 MISCELLANEOUS TRADE RULES AND REGULATIONS CHAPTER 24 TRADE AND LINKAGE ISSUES - ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH AND LABOUR PROTECTION Appendix: Researching International Trade Law Index

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