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Introducing Advanced Macroeconomics: Growth and Business Cycles

Course Codes : EDC155, ECON409

Introducing Advanced Macroeconomics: Growth and Business Cycles

ISBN 9780077117863
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw Hill Higher Education
About the authors

Macroeconomics for the long run and for the short run

Book One: The Long Run
Some Facts about Prosperity and Growth

Part 1: Basic Theory and Empirics about Prosperity and Growth
Capital Accumulation and Growth: The Basic Solow Model
Wealth Accumulation and Capital Mobility: The Solow Model for a Small Open Economy

Part 2: Exogenous Growth
Technological Progress and Growth: The General Solow Model
Education and Growth: The Solow Model with Human Capital
Limits to Growth? The Solow Model with Scarce Natural Resources

Part 3: Endogenous Growth
Productive Externalities and Endogenous Growth
R&D-Based Endogenous Growth

Part 4: Structural Unemployment
Some Facts and Introductory Theory about Unemployment
Efficiency Wages and Unemployment
Trade Unions and Unemployment
Appendix: Table A: Some growth relevant country data

Book Two: The Short Run
Some Facts about Business Cycles

Part 5: The Building Blocks for the Short-run Model
Investment and Asset Prices
Consumption, Income and Wealth
Monetary Policy and Aggregate Demand
Inflation, Unemployment and Aggregate Supply

Part 6: The Short-run Model for the Closed Economy
Explaining Business Cycles: Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand in Action
Stabilization Policy: Why
Stabilization Policy: How?
Stabilization Policy with Rational Expectations
The Limits to Stabilization Policy: Credibility and Uncertainty

Part 7: The Short-run Model for the Open Economy
Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply in the Open Economy
Chapter 24 The Open Economy with Fixed Exchange Rates
Chapter 25 The Open Economy with Flexible Exchange Rates
Appendix: Basic regression analysis

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