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 Introduction to Analysis

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Introduction to Analysis

ISBN : 9780534351779
Publisher : Brooks/Cole
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 5
Overview PREFACE 0. PRELIMINARIES Sets / Relations and Functions / Mathematical Induction and Recursion / Equivalent and Countable Sets / Real Numbers / Exercises / Projects 1. SEQUENCES Sequences and Convergence / Cauchy Sequences / Arithmetic Operations on Sequences / Subsequences and Monotone Sequences / Exercises / Projects 2. LIMITS OF FUNCTIONS Definition of the Limit of a Function / Limits of Functions and Sequences / Algebra of Limits / Limits of Monotone Functions / Exercises / Projects 3. CONTINUITY Continuity of a Function at a Point / Algebra of Continuous Functions / Uniform Continuity: Open, Closed, and Compact Sets / Properties of Continuous Functions / Exercises / Projects 4. DIFFERENTIATION The Derivative of a Function / The Algebra of Derivatives / Rolle''''s Theorem and the Mean-Value Theorem / L''''Hospital''''s Rule and the Inverse-Function Theorem / Exercises / Projects 5. THE RIEMANN INTEGRAL The Riemann Integral / Classes of Integrable Functions / Riemann Sums / The Fundamental Theorem of Integral Calculus / Algebra of Integrable Functions / Derivatives of Integrals / Mean-Value and Change-of-Variable Theorems / Exercises / Projects 6. INFINITE SERIES Convergence of Infinite Series / Absolute Convergence and the Comparison Test / Ratio and Root Tests / Conditional Convergence / Power Series / Taylor Series / Exercises / Projects 7. SEQUENCES AND SERIES OF FUNCTIONS Pointwise and Uniform Convergence / Consequences of Uniform Convergence / Uniform Convergence of Power Series / Exercises / Projects 8. METRIC SPACES INDEX

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