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Introduction to Health Physics: Fourth Edition

Introduction to Health Physics: Fourth Edition

ISBN 9780071423083
Edition 4
Publication Date
Publisher Mcgraw-Hill
This product has been discontinued.
1. Introduction 2. Review of Physical Principles 3. Atomic and Nuclear Structure 4. Radiation Sources 5. Interaction of Radiation with Matter 6. Radiation Dosimetry 7. Biological Basis for Radiation Safety 8. Radiation Safety Guides 9. Health Physics Instrumentation 10. External Radiation Safety 11. Internal Radiation Safety 12. Criticality 13. Evaluation of Radiation Safety Measures 14. Nonionizing Radiation Safety Appendix A: Values of Some Useful Constants Appendix B: Table of the Elements Appendix C: The Reference Person Overall Specifications Appendix D: Source in Bladder Contents Appendix E: Total Mass Attenuation Coefficients Appendix F: Mass Energy Absorption Coefficients Answers to Problems Index

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