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Introduction to Java Programming

Introduction to Java Programming

ISBN 9780130319975
Edition 3 ed
Publisher Prentice-Hall
For CS1 (in Java) and other introductory Java programming courses offered in Computer Science, Engineering and Business programs. Designed for a first course in Java programming, this text covers Java 2 the newest version of this programming language, principles of programming, and core Java features. A step-by-step approach first lays a sound foundation on programming elements, control statements, and methods; then introduces object-oriented programming; moves on to graphics programming; and concludes with advanced features that enable students to develop comprehensive programs. Representative examples, abundant pedagogy, and multiple exercises provide students with an outstanding introduction to Java. *NEW UML (Unified Modeling Language) graphical notations throughout Describe classes and their relationships. *Teaches students design and development of Java programs using the industry standard modeling technique. *NEW State-of-the-art Swing components Replace all the AWT user interface components. *Students learn Java programming with state-of-the-art graphics components. *NEW More case studies. *Offers students additional examples for learning the fundamentals of programming, such as writing loops. *NEW Flexible organization of topics Marks nonessential sections optional. *Allows some material (such as recursion, advanced layout managers, and resource bundles) to be skipped or covered at a different time without affecting later chapters. *NEW CD-ROM with every copy of the text Includes all the source code for programs in the book, and Borland JBuilder& 3.5 Foundation software. *Students can run and manipulate the source code from all the examples in the book and have access to the JBuilder professional integrated development environment/compiler free of charge that they can use to complete programming assignments. The JBuilder software works with Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms. *NEW Added appendices E.g., Number Systems; UML Graphical Notations; and Java Packages. *Programming concepts AND core techniques. *Allows students to explore the fundamentals of programming as well as the Java language. *Carefully chosen, easy-to-follow, representative examples Include a description, source code, sample run, and an example review. *Enables students to translate theory into practice. *Notes and tips throughout Impart valuable advice and insight on important aspects of program development. *NEW Chapter on internationalization (Ch. 12) Covers the development of Java programs for international audiences. *Shows students how to format dates, numbers, currencies, and percentages for different regions, countries, and languages, as well as how to use resource bundles to define which images and strings are used by a component depending on the users locale and preferences. *Chapter-end programming exercises. *Gives students opportunities to apply the skills on their own through practice. *Chapter summaries and review questions. *Reinforces important subjects to understand and remember, and assists students in tracking progress and evaluating learning.

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