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Introduction to MFC Programming with Visual C++

Introduction to MFC Programming with Visual C++

ISBN 9780130166296
Publisher Prentice Hall
1662J-5 * Not just a "run-the-wizard, push-the-buttons" guide -- real MFC mastery! * Starts from ground zero: no object-oriented expertise required! * An important but simple example illustrations how MFC invokes your virtual functions. * Introduces MFC Document/View Architecture, program structure, and much more. * Includes more than 90 short programs illustrating collection classes, mouse and keyboard techniques, common controls, menus, and more. * Covers bitmap graphics and database access. Simply the most effective, thorough introduction to MFC you can find! If you really want to master MFC, there are no shortcuts, but there is one great book: Introduction to MFC Programming with Visual C++. Unlike many MFC books, this one doesn't start with Microsoft's AppWizard. Rather, it begins by giving you an in-depth grounding in the structure of MFC programs: an understanding that will serve you well in every program you write. Author Richard Jones also introduces the fundamentals of object-oriented programming with MFC and Visual C++, the essential concepts underlying MFC, the Document/View architecture, and much more. Once you understand how MFC really works, Jones helps you accomplish more than you ever imagined. You'll not only master MFC's common interface controls, but also database access, and much more. Introduction to MFC Programming with Visual C++ contains dozens of diagrams and programs - from to-the-point snippets to sizable programs designed to demonstrate powerful software engineering techniques. About the CD-ROM * The accompanying CD-ROM contains all sample code from the book.

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