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Introduction to the New Testament

Introduction to the New Testament

ISBN 9780334007050
Edition 2 Revised edition
Publisher SCM Press
Since it first appeared in English in 1966, Kiimmel's Introduction to the New Testament has become established as the standard larger introduction, and a must for the professional student. From the start, however, there were justifiable criticisms of the American-made translation which unnecessarily complicated Dr Kummel's style. This revised edition, first published in 1975, is based on the revised and restructured German edition of 1973. It has been completely retranslated and reset, and incorporates in the text a survey of all the important literature to have appeared between 1963 and 1971, with new conclusions. The format has been improved by removing most of the references from the text to footnotes, and rearranging the bibliographies. The material remains full and compact calling for application in small doses, but the rearrangements do much to assist the reader. Yet nothing has happened to diminish the value or modify the essential purpose of the original ... which has become virtually a necessary tool for any serious student of the New Testament' (The Heythrop Journal).

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