Intuitive Biostatistics: A Nonmathematical Guide to Statistical Thinking

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Intuitive Biostatistics: A Nonmathematical Guide to Statistical Thinking 9780199730063

ISBN : 9780199730063
Publisher : Oxford University Press Inc
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 2nd
Overview Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition of Intuitive Biostatistics retains and refines the core perspectives of the previous edition: a focus on how to interpret statistical results rather than on how to analyze data, minimal use of equations, and a detailed review of assumptions and common mistakes. Intuitive Biostatistics, Completely Revised Second Edition, provides a clear introduction to statistics for undergraduate and graduate students and also serves as a statistics refresher for working scientists. NEW TO THIS EDITION: * Chapter 1 shows how our intuitions lead us to misinterpret data, thus explaining the need for statistical rigor. * Chapter 11 explains the lognormal distribution, an essential topic omitted from many other statistics books. * Chapter 21 contrasts testing for equivalence with testing for differences. * Chapters 22, 23, and 40 explore the pervasive problem of multiple comparisons. * Chapters 24 and 25 review testing for normality and outliers. * Chapter 35 shows how statistical hypothesis testing can be understood as comparing the fits of alternative models. * Chapters 37 and 38 provide a brief introduction to multiple, logistic, and proportional hazards regression. * Chapter 46 reviews one example in great depth, reviewing numerous statistical concepts and identifying common mistakes. * Chapter 47 includes 49 multi-part problems, with answers fully discussed in Chapter 48. * New "Q and A" sections throughout the book review key concepts.

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