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Ion Beams and Nano-Engineering

Ion Beams and Nano-Engineering

ISBN 9781605111544
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Ion beam techniques provide unique capabilities for exploring and custom-tailoring properties, structure, interactions, and configuration of polymeric materials, biomolecular materials and biocompatible materials. New understanding of ion beam-matter interactions, and new facilities for precision ion beam processing now enable applications ranging from nanofabrication, nanopatterning and high-resolution resist lithography, and nanoparticle self assembly, to selective activation of surfaces, manipulation of cells, fabrication of biocompatible materials and fabrication of structures for 3D chip interaction. Presentations included in this volume address both the science and the emerging techniques underlying the fast-growing array of ion beam applications in which nanoscale dimensions or features are of critical significance. Topics include: beam lithography, pattern formation and nanowires; magnetic , optical and semiconductor applications; nanostructure formation and fabrication of 3D structures; ion-solid interactions; and biological and biomedical applications.

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