Jacaranda Physics 1

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Jacaranda Physics 1 9780701637774

ISBN : 9780701637774
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
Author(s) :
Overview Key features of the text include: * full-colour presentation and clear, high quality diagrams * comprehensive coverage of each area of study and all detailed studies * clear, easy-to-read explanations and fully worked sample problems to enhance understanding of concepts and applications * key terms highlighted and defined as they appear in each chapter * interesting extracts to stimulate interest and illustrate relevance * end-of-chapter summary, and questions to enable students to apply their acquired knowledge and skills * icons to indicate relevant supporting materials in the appendix, the CD-ROM or the jaconline website. Key features of the accompanying CD-ROM include: * the complete text in pdf format * numerical and algebraic modelling of physics concepts through spreadsheets * key practical investigations * direct links to support materials through the same icons that appear in the text Key features of Jacaranda Physics 1 pages on the jaconline website include: * links to web sites that provide additional information * links to java applets and other animations * online tests for students * sample study plan * editable exam-style tests for use by teachers.Features retained from the first edition * Plenty of worked "sample" "problems" throughout "Units" included in most calculations "Remember this" to review important concepts from earlier years or earlier chapters "As a matter of fact" to show relevance, provide extra interest of provoke thought "Physics in focus" to highlight applications of physics in the contemporary world * End of chapter "questions" are grouped as Understanding, Application and More of a Challenge "Skillchecks" in the appendices to explain some of the mathematical methods used in physics. An icon appears next to text for which skillchecks are relevant. In the text, the icon directs students to the relevant page. On the CD, clicking on the icon takes the student directly to the skillcheck "Key investigations" ranging from simple experiments to extended investigations have been included on the CD. An icon at the appropriate place in the text indicates that an investigation is available on the CD. It is expected that teachers will edit and photocopy these investigations or adapt them to suit their own needs "Computer applications", including spreadsheet and numerical modelling activities.Numerical modelling is especially relevant to the new study design. An icon at the appropriate place in the text indicates that an investigation is available on the CD.

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