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Juries in the 21st Century

Juries in the 21st Century

ISBN 9781862878945
Publisher Federation Press
Publication Date
Cover illustration: 'The Trial' 1960 - by David F G Boyd - OAM Oil painting on canvas 152.4 x 213.3 cm - The University of Melbourne Art Collection Reproduced courtesy of Lucinda and Cassandra Boyd This book provides a broad understanding of and critical thinking about the contemporary jury system. It fills a void of easily accessible knowledge about how jury trials work and how jury research assists us to formulate new ways to improve the system. Current issues challenging the jury system, such as the impact that technology is having on jury trials, are discussed. Juries in the 21st Century is designed to inform jury practitioners (judges, barristers, instructing solicitors, and forensic experts) about what constitutes best practice for them. It details how other jurisdictions are dealing with issues within their jury systems and allows jury practitioners to understand which practices are based upon fact and which are based on habit, anecdote and other misconceptions. It encourages jury practitioners and law reformers to consider new approaches in order to improve jury communication. Teachers and researchers in law, psychology, criminology and sociology should find this cross-disciplinary book useful as it synthesises the current state of jury research. To curious members of the public who have or would like to serve on a jury, this book will provide you with insight into jury trials and jury room dynamics. ** In the News... Juror charged with `playing detective', 14 January 2014, The Age. Read full article...

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