Just about Everything a Manager Needs to Know

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Just about Everything a Manager Needs to Know

ISBN : 9780957736214
Publisher : Plum Press
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 1
Overview Just About Everything A Retail Manager Needs to Know is in a handy reference format, no need to read the whole book if you are short on time, just open up to the topic you need a solution on. Every topic is individually explained in a easy to use í_í_í_how-toí_í_Œé style, ideal for rapid problems solving in the retail environment. Topics include: Win over the customer and turn them into lifetime customers learn how to sell to different generations create a customer friendly team Promote your products produce signs that sell create more profitable displays sell concepts not products Manage your store maximise your customer flow manage your merchandising to increase profits use colour more effectively Manage your business develop a retail business strategy benchmark your store increase your average sale-and increase profits


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