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Just Enough Software Test Automation

Just Enough Software Test Automation

ISBN 9780130084682
Publisher Prentice-Hall
*Techniques that improve software quality and reduce time to market*Pragmatic approaches to plan and manage every facet of automated software testing*Includes a complete sample automation project planPractical automated testing techniques that enhance software quality and reduce time to market! Just Enough Test Automation is a practical, hands-on guide to software test automation from the perspective of test developers and users. Two leading software testing consultants offer real-world dos and don'ts for designing and implementing test automation infrastructure--along with pragmatic advice on what today's most popular approaches to automated testing can and can't accomplish. Coverage includes: *Setting realistic expectations: knowing when and what to automate*Planning for automated testing*Implementing the Control Synchronized Data Driven Testing (CSDDT) Framework, a proven approach to simplify and accelerate testing*Simplify maintenance of test scripts and promote reuse using structured test script writing.* Automating unit testing, integration testing, and system/regression testing*Managing the automated testing process for optimal efficiencyThe book also includes a complete sample automation project plan, covering documentation, implementation, the automation environment, roles, responsibilities, and much more.

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