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Kulurdu Marni Ngathaitya!: A Kaurna Learner's Guide

Kulurdu Marni Ngathaitya!: A Kaurna Learner's Guide

ISBN 9781743052341
Publication Date
Publisher Wakefield Press
Few resources exist to assist the learner of Kaurna, the language of the Adelaide Plains, South Australia. This Kaurna Learners' Guide, Kulurdu Marni Ngathaitya!, has been developed as a step-by-step guide for learning to speak the language and to assist teachers of Kaurna language. It assumes no previous knowledge though, of course, many Kaurna people will know some of the language already. Organised into two main sections, Part One (Chapters 1-16) introduces common words and expressions for use in a range of contexts on topics that are often spoken about, allowing the learner to dive straight into the language. Part Two (Chapters 17-25) guides the learner through various aspects of Kaurna grammar and sentence construction and provides detailed explanation. Language learning is rewarding. Learning Kaurna can provide insights into Kaurna culture and the way of thinking of Kaurna people as they lived in the nineteenth century.

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