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Laboratory Exercises and Techniques in Cellular Biology

Laboratory Exercises and Techniques in Cellular Biology

ISBN 9781118473955
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Wiley
The Contento Experimental Cell Biology Lab Book is a modular design that matches the topics discussed in Karp’s textbook. The manual itself consists of 30+ experiments that coincide and complement each of the 18 chapters in the Karp text. There are three possible designs of the lab book, based on the instructor’s needs. These designs focus on either Techniques, Concepts, or Organelles. The procedures of the 30+ experiments remain standard and unchanged in all designs of the lab book. Special Overview pages, Discussion Questions and Datasheets bookend the procedures in order to create each of the possible textbook designs.This gives instructors flexibility to create a lab book that suits their lecture course curriculum, their experience, and available equipment and supplies.

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