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Labour Law

Labour Law

ISBN 9781862875432
Edition 4 New edition
Publisher Federation Press
The new edition of this leading text provides a valuable guide to the complex network of laws that regulate our workplaces. As with previous editions, it offers an authoritative analysis of key principles and policy issues, backed by extensive reference to other writings in the field. In charting the continuing development of Australian labour law, the new edition takes account of the many changes to Federal and State legislation over the past five years, as well as the more significant court decisions during this period. It also looks ahead to some of the further reforms that can be expected from the Howard Government as it moves into its fourth term in office. Features include new or expanded sections on the regulation of bargaining tactics, dispute resolution under certified agreements, monitoring and privacy at the workplace, securing employee entitlements, and protection for whistleblowers. New chapters have also been created to break up the treatment of agreement-making, and of termination of employment, so as to make those parts of the book more accessible.

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