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Administration for Exercise-Related Professions

Administration for Exercise-Related Professions

ISBN 9780534518332
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher Cengage
Part I: PERSPECTIVES ON EXERCISE-RELATED PROFESSIONS 1. Historical Foundations of Exercise-Related Professions. 2. Contemporary Trends and Issues in Exercise-Related Professions. Part II: ORGANIZATION IN EXERCISE-RELATED PROFESSIONS 3. Principles and Concepts of Organization. 4. Developing and Effective Organization Plan. Part III: ADMINISTRATION IN EXERCISE-RELATED PROFESSIONS 5. Principles and Concepts of Administration. 6. The Effective Administrator. 7. Decision Making. 8. Communication. 9. Personnel Management. 10. Fiscal Management. 11. Program Evaluation. Part IV: LEGAL ISSUES IN EXERCISE-RELATED PROFESSIONS 12. Introduction to the Law. 13. Tort Law in Exercise-Related Professions. 14. Constitutional Law in Exercise-Related Professions. 15. Contract Law in Exercise-Related Professions. 16. Risk Management in Exercise-Related Professions. Part V: ADMINISTRATION OF SPECIFIC EXERCISE-RELATED PROGRAMS THROUGH CASE ANALYSIS 17. Understanding Case Analysis. 18. Case Analysis Activities in Teaching and Coaching. 19. Case Analysis Activities in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine. 20. Case Analysis Activities in Health Promotion and Adult Fitness. 21. Case Analysis Activities in Sport Management. 22. Case Analysis Activities in Recreation. Appendix A: Recommended Format For Participation Agreement. Appendix B: United States Constitution First Ten Amendments ('Bill of Rights') and Section 1 of the 14th Amendment. Index.

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