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Land Development Handbook

Land Development Handbook

ISBN 9780071494373
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw-Hill Australia
Part I: Overview
Chapter 1. Overview of the Land Development Process
Part II: Feasibility and Site Analysis
II.A: Feasibility and Programming
Chapter 2. Environmental Policy and Regulations
Chapter 3. Environmental Site Feasibility and Assessments
Chapter 4. Historic Architectural and Archaeological Resource Assessment
Chapter 5. Engineering Feasibility
II.B: Site Analysis: Allowable Use of Site
Chapter 6. Real Property Law
Chapter 7. Comprehensive Planning and Zoning
Chapter 8. Subdivision Ordinances, Site Plan Regulations, and Building Codes
II.C: Rezoning
Chapter 9. The Rezoning Process
Chapter 10. Exactions, Infrastructure Enhancements, and Fees
Part III: Conceptual Design
Chapter 11. Development Patterns and Principles
Part IV: Schematic Design
II.A: Base Map Preparation
Chapter 12. Control Surveys for Land Development
Chapter 13. Boundary Surveys for Land Development
Chapter 14. Topographic Surveys
II.B: Refinement of Previous Assumptions
Chapter 15. Environmental and Natural Resources
Chapter 16. Impacts to Historic Architectural and Archaeological Resources
Chapter 17. Brownfield Redevelopment and Environmental Considerations
Chapter 18. Floodplain Studies
Chapter 19. Preliminary Engineering and Hydrologic Analysis
Part V: Final Design
Chapter 20. Street Design
Chapter 21. Storm Drainage Design
Chapter 22. Stormwater Management Design
Chapter 23. Grading and Earthwork
Chapter 24. Wastewater Collection
Chapter 25. Water Distribution
Chapter 26. Dry Utility Design and Engineering
Chapter 27. Erosion and Sediment Control
Chapter 28. Construction and Contract Documents
Chapter 29. Construction Cost Estimating
Part VI: Plan Submission and Permitting
Chapter 30. Plan Submission, Review, and Approval Process
Chapter 31. Environmental Permits
Chapter 32. Building Permits
Part VII: Construction
Chapter 33. Construction Stakeout Surveys
Chapter 34. Certificates of Occupancy and Postconstruction Services
Part VIII: Technical Appendices
App. A. Aerial Mapping and Surveying
App. B. Stream Restoration
App. C. Soils
App. D. Wastewater Treatment
App. E. Water Supply and Treatment
App. F. Case Study: Merrifield Town Center
App. G. Technical Appendix

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