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Law and Regulation of Public Offering of Corporate Securities

Law and Regulation of Public Offering of Corporate Securities

ISBN 9780199466689
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication Date
The book is a comprehensive exposition of the law and regulation of public offering of corporate securities. It explains an otherwise elaborate and complex set of laws in a simple and articulate manner, with an emphasis on the concepts and principles that are its foundations and building blocks. The authors examine and explain (i)the foundational terms and concepts; (ii)evolution of regulation of public offerings in India; (iii) regulatory agencies that administer the securities laws; (iv)the legal setting of a public offer of corporate securities and the mechanics of the transaction; (v)the different forms and bases of liabilities; and (vi)the remedies available to investors. The book is not a static commentary on the statutory provisions, rules, and regulations governing public offering of corporate securities. Written in a linear fashion, it begins with the basic concepts, then each subsequent topic, section, and chapter logically builds on the earlier analysis, leading to a coherent study. However, the sections and chapters can also be read independently by those who may wish to refer to a specific topic.

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