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Law of Agency

Course Codes : 76086

Law of Agency

ISBN 9780409334807
Edition 3 ed
Publisher Butterworths
Publication Date
The third edition of Law of Agency written by G E Dal Pont aims to convey to the reader the principles surrounding agency law from an Australian perspective. In so doing it refers extensively not only to relevant Australian case law and statutory provisions, but contextualises these by reference to legal developments in the main common law jurisdictions (namely the UK, US, Canada and New Zealand, as well as some reference to Hong Kong and Singapore case law).In addition to cataloguing the relevant principles, the book provides commentary and analysis on areas of uncertainty and dispute, and to this end makes regular reference to other academic works.Features* Logically structured* Clearly written* Covers all Australian jurisdictions (case law and statute)* Makes reference to developments in other common law jurisdictions* Comprehensive and the subject of detailed referencingRelated LexisNexis TitlesDal Pont, Law of Costs, 3rd edition, 2013Dal Pont, Powers of Attorney, 2010Dal Pont and Mackie, Law of Succession, 2012

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