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Leadership Without Excuses: How To Create Accountability

Leadership Without Excuses: How To Create Accountability

ISBN 9780071600040
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw-Hill Professional
IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO INCREASEEMPLOYEE ACCOUNTABILITY-NO EXCUSES! "Very engaging! Grimshaw and Baron provide practical coaching pointson how to translate leadership intentions into results." DAVE HILFMAN, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, CONTINENTAL AIRLINES "A timely collection of valuable lessons on how toprevent excuses before they happen." MICHAEL PIETRUNTI, PRESIDENT & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER,KYOCERA MITA AMERICA, INC. "Jam-packed with authentic examples and insights, this book encourages allleaders to actively look in the mirror and pay keen attention to the eff ectiveexecution of their most important responsibilities." JEFF IRMER, VP OF SALES, THE AMERICAS,HONEYWELL AUTOMATION AND CONTROL SOLUTIONS "It's never been more important for leaders to take responsibility anddrive accountability. Unfortunately, in too many organizations thoseare just words. Grimshaw and Baron provide practical guidanceon how to translate these ideas into authentic actions." JEFFREY A. HIRSCH, REGIONAL PRESIDENT, RESIDENTIAL SERVICES,NEW YORK CITY REGION, TIME WARNER CABLE About the Book There are three kinds of employees: Some areSaints; they're always accountable. Some areSinners; they're never accountable. But mostare Save-ables; sometimes they make goodchoices, sometimes they don't. What makesthe diff erence? Leadership without Excuses hasthe answers. Jeff Grimshaw and Gregg Baron help youput an end to the Save-ables' poor choicesand excuse-making-and convert them intoSaints. The secret is to communicate clear andcredible expectations, create compelling consequences,and lead conversations groundedin reality. In order to save the Save-ables, you need to: BOOST THE CLARITY AND CREDIBILITYOF YOUR HIGH EXPECTATIONS REWARD WHAT YOU WANT TO SEEMORE OF-AND STOP TOLERATINGWHAT YOU DON'T PROMOTE PERSONAL OWNERSHIP WHILESTRETCHING YOUR PEOPLE TAP INTO HIDDEN SOURCES OF MOTIVATION USE YOUR AUTHORITY EFFECTIVELY-BUT WISELY TREAT MISTAKES AS INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL PREVENT EXCUSES BEFORE THEY HAPPEN There's no excuse for putting up with excuses.Leadership without Excuses is for anyone whoactually wants to do something about it. It'sthe definitive guide to taking excuses outof the system and creating an environmentwhere accountability and performance areconsistently high. With this game-changingguide, you'll stop the excuses in their tracksand put your team on the path to success. Find out more at www.takeawayexcuses.com

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