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Legal Usage A Modern Style Guide

Legal Usage A Modern Style Guide

ISBN 9780409341461
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher LexisNexis
A clear and easy-to-use guide to legal writing for common law countries Style guides abound for general writing; but for legal writing they are rare—especially for British, Australian and other Commonwealth lawyers. This book fills that gap. It highlights the techniques that legal writers in the common law tradition need for effective, compelling and readable legal writing. Some modern legal writing is fresh, gracious, and enticing; to read it is a delight. But other modern legal writing is stale, turgid, and often unclear; to read it is a chore. This book examines the techniques that distinguish one style from the other. It distils the methods for making modern legal writing powerful and persuasive, while remaining poised, polished, and legally effective. The book is organised alphabetically by topic, and is cross-referenced to related concepts. The author cites hundreds of usage examples from leading judges in Commonwealth jurisdictions. Simple plain language alternatives are offered for numerous technical terms and foreign-language phrases, with supporting examples from judgments and texts. Features Clear and unambiguous explanations Comprehensive coverage of writing techniques Plentiful examples supported by judicial writing Reliable and authoritative Provides confidence in legal writing and drafting Easy to follow and understand Related Titles LexisNexis Australian Legal Dictionary, 2nd ed, 2016 Finkelstein & Hamer, LexisNexis Concise Australian Legal Dictionary, 5th ed, 2015 Meehan & Tulloch, LexisNexis Guides: Grammar for Lawyers, 3rd ed, 2013

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