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Life in the Universe: United States Edition

Life in the Universe: United States Edition

ISBN 9780805347531
Edition 2 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Addison Wesley
Life in the Universe takes non-science majors on a journey through the solar system and beyond, using a rigorous yet accessible introduction to astronomy, biology, chemistry, and geology to explain natural phenomena and explore unanswered scientific questions. The Second Edition has been thoroughly revised to include updated scientific discoveries, optional quantitative coverage, an enhanced illustration program, and expanded coverage of the solar system and stellar material. Designed for the emerging astrobiology course, but also suitable for introductory astronomy, Life in the Universe captures the imagination of students by exploring fundamental pan-scientific questions: How did life begin on Earth? What are the most extreme forms of life currently known? What are the challenges of trying to colonize another planet? The text motivates non-science majors to develop basic reasoning skills and an understanding of the process of science through skillful writing and a wealth of pedagogical features, such as Learning Goals that keep students focused on key concepts. Sidebars provide optional mathematical material for courses that fulfill quantitative requirements. An expanded media package includes an Instructor Resource CD-ROM (with all the figures and photos from the book) and an updated companion website (including new quizzes, tutorials, and interactive figures and photos). This media is integrated with the text through the use of icons that point to interactive photos and figures.

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