Life to the Full: Rights and Social Justice in Australia

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Life to the Full: Rights and Social Justice in Australia

ISBN : 9781921421006
Publisher : Connor Court Publishing Pty Ltd
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Overview Humans are made in God's image, Christians believe. As beings of immense value who possess objective worth and inalienable rights. Since society is made for humans, economic and political arrangements must respect human rights such as the right to life and the right to education. In this collection, experts consider the full range of rights that go to make up a free society fit for a full human life. They apply to current Australian conditions the insights of Catholic social thinking. 1. The right to life - James Franklin 2. The right to serve and worship God in public and private - John Sharpe 3. The right to religious formation - Richard Rymarz 4. The right to personal liberty under just law - Michael Casey 5. The right to the equal protection of just law regardless of sex, nationality, colour or creed - Sam Gregg 6. The right to freedom of expression - Damian Grace 7. The right to choose and freely maintain a state of life, married or single, lay or religious - Marita Winters 8. The right to education - Anthony Cleary 9. The right to petition government for the redress of grievances - Paul Russell 10. The right to a nationality - Andrew Hamilton SJ 11. The right to have access to the means of livelihood, by migration when necessary - Brenda Hubber 12. The right of association and peaceful assembly - Michael Hogan 13. The right to work and choose one's occupation - Ian Blandthorn 14. The right to personal ownership, use and disposal of property subject to the right of others - Brian Coman 15. The right to a living wage - Garrick Small 16. The right to collective bargaining - Keith Harvey 17. The right to associate by industries and professional to obtain economic justice - Henrik Jurisevic 18. The right to assistance from society, if necessary from the State, in distress of persons or family - Catherine Althaus



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