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Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

ISBN 9780070998124
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw-Hill Medical
Highly Commended in the British Medical Association book awards 2011!!

Lifestyle Medicine 2nd Edition is the essential book for contemporary times. It concentrates largely on the contribution that can be made directly by the clinician at the personal level.

The rise in obesity worldwide has focused attention on lifestyle as a prominent cause of disease. However, obesity is just one manifestation, albeit an obvious one, of lifestyle-related problems. Others include a range of health problems that have resulted from the environment and behaviours associated with our modern way of living. Inactivity, poor and over-nutrition, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, inappropriate medication, stress, unsafe sexual behaviour, inadequate sleep, risk-taking and environmental exposure (for example, sun, chemicals and the built environment) are significant modern causes of disease.

New and adaptive approaches to health management are needed to deal with these complex factors. Lifestyle Medicine 2e provides these tools to enable clinicians to successfully manage patients in our current environment.

Key features of the second edition:

- Four new chapters

- New, two colour internal design

- Up to date current research

Lifestyle Medicine from McGraw-Hill Education ANZ- Medical

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