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Linux Quick Fix Notebook

Linux Quick Fix Notebook

ISBN 9780131861503
Publisher Prentice Hall
In typical Linux "bibles," reserve the last third coverage for advanced topicsthat sys admins use on a day by day basis. They tend to cover the underlyingconcepts reasonably well, but fall short on hands-on instructions, forcingadmins to buy specialty books. This book sufficiently expands the advancedsections found in these "bibles," providing step-by step instructions on how toconfigure the most popular Linux back office applications.To avoid confusion between the many flavors of Linux, each with it's ownGUI interface, this book exclusively uses the command line to illustrate thetasks needed to be done. It provides all the expected screen output whenconfiguring the most commonly used Linux applications to help assure thereader that they are doing the right thing. The Notebook also includes many ofthe most commonly encountered errors with explanations of their causes andhow to fix them. The book's format is aimed at sys admins who often have todo advanced tasks in which the underlying theory is understood, but thecommands to do it are forgotten or at the tips of their tongues.As the line between power users and administrators continues to blur, ascomputers move from the data center to the desktop, as Linux and Windowsgain equal footing in business, it becomes harder to remember and do it all.This is the guide that gives admins the answers they need to common problemsand tasks, allowing them time to eat lunch.

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