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Little Green Lies: Twelve Environmental Myths

Course Codes : ENVS2007

Little Green Lies: Twelve Environmental Myths

ISBN 9781921421648
Publication Date
Publisher Connor Court Publishing Pty Ltd
The natural environment matters a lot to many people. Their views on issues such as recycling, population control, economic growth and renewable energy are often held strongly and emotionally. But some of these views are best described as 'little green lies'. Sometimes people bend the truth because they believe they are protecting others from the harm caused by environmental decay. Others do it for personal gain. But unlike 'little white lies', telling 'little green lies' is not harmless. If they become so widely accepted that they form the basis of government policies, our society can be worse off for them. They can even end up causing environmental damage. There are twelve propositions addressed in the twelve chapters of this book: 'Peak Oil' has been reached. Renewable energy production should be stimulated. Consumption choices need to be informed by products' 'food miles'/'ecological footprint'/'embodied energy'/'virtual water'/'carbon footprint'. World population should be capped. Economic growth and trade are bad for the environment. No waste should go to landfill. Water and energy should be used 'efficiently', whatever it costs. The environment is of infinite value and must not be harmed. We must reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to avoid global climate change. The care of the environment cannot be entrusted to the private sector. Agriculture and mining are always in conflict with the environment.

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