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Living the Revolution

Living the Revolution

ISBN 9780198725824
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
Living the Revolution introduces us to a world of would-be revolutionaries and eager radicals enthused by the promise of socialism. It tells the story of young hopefuls who, in the wake of the October Revolution in 1917, banded together in urban residences and tried to offer the first revolutionary examples of socialist living. Calling themselves 'urban communes', they embraced total equality and shared everything from money to underwear. A trend was set: a revolutionary meme that allowed thousands of youths to experiment with ideology. Some knocked down internal walls, believing that private space was a sign of 'bourgeois individualism'; others experimented with a new approach to sexual relations. This volume charts the rise and fall of this activist trend, from the opening years of revolution to the rise of Stalin, revealing the sometimes confused manner by which the first generation of Soviets came to understand this thing called socialism.

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