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Local Area Networks

Local Area Networks

ISBN 9780130183774
Edition 3 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice-Hall
Over the past two decades, Local Area Networks have significantly changed the way companies do business. Because LANs are such an integral part of the way businesses do business today, CIS and MIS students need fundamental LAN knowledge and experience to strategically position themselves for growing opportunities in LAN management. Written from the perspectives of LAN management, the focus of this text is on administrative responsibilities and strategies, which range from selecting and installing LAN hardware and software to designing backup and recovery options (chapters 9-12). However, because of the need for LAN managers to consider issues important to all members of the LAN community, such as end-users, the author provides appropriate coverage of these perspectives as well. ~Despite the rapid rate of technology introduction into the market, this new third edition provides up-to-date coverage and anticipates emerging technologies: *Novell NetWare and Windows NT Server *Basic data communications principles including: *OSI reference model (Ch 1) *LAN Selection Criteria (Ch 2) *LAN Media (Ch 3) *Data Link and Mac protocols (Ch 4) *Token Passing versus CSMA/CD (Ch 4) *LAN Hardware (Ch 5) *Hardware Selection Criteria (Ch 5) *LAN System Software (Ch 7) *Creating and Maintaining a Printing Environment (Ch 7) *Client/Server Computing (Ch 8) *LAN Installation Concerns (Ch 9) *Security Options and Virus Protection (Ch 10) *Backup, Disaster, and Recovery Planning (Ch 11) *Network Management and Network Management Protocols (Ch 12) *Wide Area Network Overview (Ch 13) *Repeaters, Routers, Bridges, and Gateways (Ch 14) *Internet and TCP/IP Protocol Suite (Ch 15) *Internet Technology (Ch 15) ~New to this edition is a Companion Web Site at www prenhall.com/stamper that contains some additional exercises and PowerPoint presentations for students and that allows instructors to download the Instructor's Manual as a MS WORD document. Also new to this edition, Prentice Hall Test Manager software is available. This software package is a wonderful suite of tools for testing and assessment with five modules that allow instructors to manage student records, course information, question content, test portfolios, and test results.

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