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Macroeconomics 9780074714386

ISBN : 9780074714386
Publisher : McGraw Hill Higher Education
Author(s) :
Overview This is a new Australian adaptation of the latest US edition of the best-selling Dornbusch's "Macroeconomics 8/E". The Australian edition closely follows the basic structure of the International edition but has been extensively 'Australianised'. The chapters on the open economy have been extended to include information on the Asian and New Zealand economies and two chapters have been added to emphasise the international perspective. The book can be used for a variety of courses, ranging from an overview through to an in-depth study with either a Keynesian or Classical focus. Through the use of selected chapters, it is also ideal for business school courses. Straightforward explanations and an emphasis on concepts make the text accessible for most students. Extensive footnotes referencing the latest research and additional reading, together with 'optional', more difficult sections, cater for those wishing to undertake a deeper study of the topic.

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