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ISBN 9780522861693
Publication Date
Publisher Melbourne University Press
An idealistic twenty-something environmentalist. A retired right-wing finance minister.All their lives, they've happily ignored each other.Until now.Anna Rose, environmental crusader since the age of fourteen and co-founder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, is on a mission. This is the story of her biggest challenge yet- a whirlwind journey around the world with conservative powerbroker and arch climate sceptic Nick Minchin. From a remote Hawaiian volcano to a cosmic ray laboratory in Geneva, Anna rolls out the biggest names in science to try and change Nick s mind.It s a journey to tell the story of what s happening to our climate-not just to one man, but to a nation divided on the biggest issue of our times. Nick and Anna challenge each other s views, provoking each other to confront closely held assumptions and question our responsibilities as citizens living in uncertain times.

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