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Making Sense of the Social World: Methods of Investigation 5ed

Making Sense of the Social World: Methods of Investigation 5ed

ISBN 9781483380612
Edition 5
Publication Date
Publisher SAGE Publications, Inc
At the heart of this book is the authors' firm belief that understanding research methods is critical to being an informed citizen in our complex, fast-paced social world. Now in its Fifth Edition, Making Sense of the Social World continues to help students achieve that understanding by providing a balanced treatment of qualitative and quantitative methods, integrating substantive examples and research techniques throughout. All essential elements of social research methods are covered, including validity, causation, experimental and quasi-experimental design, and techniques of analysis. Additionally, it is written in a less formal style to make concepts more accessible to students, and it includes wide-ranging, practical exercises drawn from every experience to help students get hands-on with the material. Not only do students find the book approachable and easy to digest, but they also enjoy it!  
NEW TO THIS EDITION:   A new chapter on Unobtrusive Measures has been added to cover non-reactive measures, with many new examples of “creative sources of data, as well as integrating content analysis, historical, and comparative methods. New material on social media relevance to research has been added to extend discussions of how media, such as smartphones and the Web, modify research techniques both in survey and in qualitative methods. Coverage of macro forms of research has been expanded to broaden the scope of the book. Demonstrations of the advantages of using mixed methods has been added to help readers balance the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. Coverage of quantitative methods and examples have been updated and expanded, including new kinds of research such as audit studies. Chapter 8 has been updated to include major new sections on Big Data and Secondary Data Analysis.   Famously difficult topics such as units and levels of analysis, basic statistical analyses, and quantitative analyses variables, operationalization, types of reliability, causal mechanisms, and context, have been rewritten and clarified to increase readers comprehension.   New end-of-chapter materials include revised discussion questions that promote in-class discussion and new questions on research ethics. Careers in Research features have been added to each chapter to help students see how what they learn can actually be used in today's job markets.   Research That Matters features have also been added to each chapter showing how important social research figures in many of the major issues of the day.

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