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Value Pack Management + MyManagementLab with eText

Course Codes : 200571

Value Pack Management + MyManagementLab with eText

ISBN 9781486025565
Edition 7
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson
This pack contains 1 copy of Management 7th edition and 1 printed access card to MyManagementLab with eText.

The 7th edition of Management is once again a resource at the leading edge of thinking and research. By blending theory with stimulating, pertinent case studies and innovative practices, Robbins encourages students to get excited about the possibilities of a career in management.

Developing the managerial skills essential for success in business—by understanding and applying management theories--is made easy with fresh new case studies and a completely revised suite of teaching and learning resources available with this text.

MyManagementLab is a total eLearning solution. Through rewarding experiences that personalise learning, MyManagementLab has a measurably positive impact on teaching, learning and retention.

MyManagementLab helps instructors create automatically graded learning activities based on the learning objectives in each chapter in the accompanying text. This provides an efficient and effective outcome for both students and instructors and an even better teaching and learning experience.

The new version of MyManagementLab features a simplified user interface and easier integration with most Learning Management Systems.

Benefits for students
When packaged with the new Australian edition of Management by Robbins, you get quick and easy access to:

Dynamic Study Modules! Adaptive eLearning tools which continuously assess your responses and provide extra practice, but only in the areas where you need to spend your time. Each Dynamic Study Module, accessed by computer, smartphone or tablet, promotes fast learning and long-term retention. Watch a video to learn more> Personalised Study Plan! The Study Plan Builder figures out your weaknesses and then sets up a study plan with targeted exercises and helpful feedback for topics you need to focus on. Automatically graded exercises! Saving you time and providing immediate feedback, tips and hints. Badges! Earn badges for your achievements such as consistent and excellent work. Compete with your classmates and collect them all! All of your MyLab courses in the one place! If you are using any other Pearson MyLab products, sign on and start learning in the same system. eText version of Management by Robbins! Tablet-friendly and fully integrated with MyManagementLab. Read chapters, highlight, add your own study notes and review your instructor's comments anytime, anywhere by using the Pearson eText app. Read our help guides for iPad or Android devices and download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
This product includes access to the eText.

MyManagementLab is not a self-paced technology and should only be purchased when required by an instructor.

The duration of access to MyManagementLab is set by your instructor for your specific unit of study.

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