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Management Accounting

Management Accounting

ISBN 9781844802043
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Cengage
1. Introduction to management accounting Defects of financial reports from a manager's point of view What is management and cost accounting? Managers and the management accounting process Some useful features of cost and management accounting information Organisation of the rest of the book 2. Management Accounting and Organisations Theories of organisations and management Motivation and incentives 3. Product and Services Costing Costing in Business Product Costing Costing of Products Traditional costing: is it still relevant? Costing of services 4. Activity-based costing Principles of ABC ABC: implementation The use of ABC in practice Benefits, constraints and problems in applying ABC 5. Pricing The relationship between price and quantity Competition in the market How do producers decide on prices? Market-based pricing Special cases Pricing in context 6. Marginal Costing and Short-Term Decision-Making Issues in decision-making Cost variability Marginal costing for decision-making Cost-volume-profit analysis Further applications of break-even in practice Special decisions Limitations of analysis based on marginal costing 7. Capial Investment Decisions Capital investment in context Simple appraisal techniques More complex appraisal techniques Choosing between projects Strengths and weaknesses of the common investment appraisal techniques The social context of decision-making Investment appraisal in practice 8. Budgets The relationship between strategy and budget setting Principal types of budget The budget process Setting the budget: a practical example Monitoring outcomes Budgeting and its benefits and drawbacks 9. Accounting for Control Organisational control mechanisms Standard costing, flexible budgeting and variance analysis Standard costing Overhead variances Investigating the reasons for variances Standard costing: issues and problems 10. Divisional performance and transfer pricing Divisionalisation: advantages and drawbacks Measurements fo divisional performance: return on investment, residual income, economic value added Introduction to transfer pricing Transfer pricing problems and issues: conflict between divisions, sub-optimal decisions and tax consequences 11. Issues in management accounting Information for strategic management Market orientation: analysis of markets, competitors and activities The balanced scorecard Non-financial performance measurement

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