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Management Accounting

Management Accounting

ISBN 9780198289661
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press UK
Just as Europe consists of countries with different languages, cultures, histories, wealth levels and systems of jurispridence, and exhibits a mosaic of different tastes and preferences, so do accounting's roles and functions differ widely across European countries. Differences in management accounting practices and control approaches abound. the question is no longer whether there is variety but its extent and explanation.In considering European variety in management accounting, it may be asked what trends if any are discernible in management accounting practices generally? What historical factors have conditioned management accounting wherever and in whatever form it exists? Are there links between management accounting research and practice? Are there competing theories within the field which are nation-specific? To what extent is the implementation of emergent cost-management approaches evident within companies? Such issues are explored in this book which also provides some basis for exploring national specifities in management accounting whilst offering room to ponder over its commonalities. Distinguished European commentators provide comprehensive analysis of past and existing management accounting practices and conceptual thinking.The contributors give a sense of whether modern management accounting approaches are evident in enterprises withing their nation and discuss findings of empirical investigations in constructing `country perspectives'. Each chapter successfully presents an informed overview of country features indicative of a rich and diverse European tapestry of management accounting thought and practice. Ultimately the book provides a useful starting point not only for making cross-national comparative observations but also for identifying opportunities and trends in management accounting systems changes.

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