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Managing Change:  Cases and Concepts

Managing Change: Cases and Concepts

ISBN 9780073102740
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw Hill
This product has been discontinued.

Module One - Forces for Change

Case: Innovation at the Lego Group Reading: The 12 Different Ways for Companies to Innovate Case: Change Classic: Changing the Culture at British Airways Reading: Re-Energizing the Mature Organization Case: Nestlé’s Globe Reading: Has Strategy Changed? Reading: Meeting the Challenges of Disruptive Change Case: GlaxoSmithKline and AIDS in South Africa Reading: Rethinking the Social Responsibility of Business: A Reason debate featuring Milton Friedman, Whole Foods’ John Mackey, and Cypress Semiconductor’s T.J. Rodgers Reading: The Collapse and Transformation of Our World

Module Two - Changing the Game: From Vision to Adaptation

Part 1 The Strategic Imperatives Case: Yinscape and Yangsearch Reading: The Vision Thing Case: Change Classic: Bob Galvin and Motorola, Inc. Reading: From Bogged Down to Fired Up: Inspiring Organizational Change Case: Merrill Lynch: Evolution, Revolution and Sale, 1996-2008 Reading: An Improvisational Model for Change Mgt: The Case of Groupware Technologies Case: Charlotte Beers at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide Reading: The Quest for Resilience

Module Three - Implementing Change

Case: Change Classic: Peter Browning and Continental White Cap Reading: Implementing Change Case: Marconi plc Reading: Organisational Frame Bending: Principles for Managing Reorientation Case: Leading Culture Change at Seagram Reading: Why Change Programs Don’t Produce Change Simulation: The Merger Plan Simulation Case: Oticon: Building a Flexible World-Class Organization Reading: Changing the Deal While Keeping the People Case: Ayudha Allianz CP

Module Four - The Recipients of Change

Case: Change Classic: Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer Inc Reading: The Recipients of Change Case: Wellcome Israel Reading: Back to Square Zero: The Post-Corporate Career Case: Mark Margolis Case: Emilio Kornau Case: Kerstin Berger Simulation: Broadway Brokers Reading: Managing to Communicate, Communicating to Manage: How Leading Companies Communicate with Employees

Module Five - Leading Change: The Personal Side

Case: Change Classic: Walt Disney’s Dennis Hightower: Taking Charge Case: Dennis Hightower: Walt Disney’s Transnational Manager Reading: Bob Knowling’s Change Manual Case: Change Agent “In Waiting” Case: Henry Silva: Aspiring Change Agent for a Start-up Case: Susan Baskin: Aspiring Change Agent Reading: Converting Middle Powerlessness to Middle Power: A Systems Approach Case: The Young Change Agents Reading: Leadership for Change: Enduring Skills for Change Masters Case: Vinesh Juglal, South African Entrepreneur

Module Six - Continuous Change

Reading: Seismic Shifts and Systemic Shocks Case: Managing Performance at Haier Reading: Bringing Life to Organizational Change Case: Singapore Airlines: Continuing Service Improvement Reading: Cracking the Code of Change Case: Change Classic: Nigel Andrews and General Electric Plastics Case: GE’s Two-Decade Transformation: Jack Welch’s Leadership Reading: GE’s Move to the Internet Case: Get Me a CEO from GE Reading: The Immelt Revolution Reading: Unlocking the Mystery of Effective Large-Scale Change

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