Managing Multimedia Projects

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Managing Multimedia Projects 9780240802442

ISBN : 9780240802442
Publisher : Focal Press
Author(s) :
Overview With the increased popularity of multimedia, a growing number of people are now becoming involved in producing multimedia applications. This book provides a solid framework for managing multimedia projects, from simple presentations to custom kiosk displays, to retail CD-ROM titles and World Wide Web sites. It shows how to manage the project dimensions, plan and schedules projects, do cost estimations and budgeting, organize and run development teams, work in both external and internal development situations, and how to understand multimedia technologies and tools. Anyone involved in multimedia projects will all find this book a clear, concise and thorough introduction to the complex task of project management. By focusing on multimedia as software, and using a soft ware development approach, Strauss provides the reader with a real-world development method, based on well-tested software development techniques that can be adapted and used for the development of any multimedia project. The book guides the reader through the software development process, including the phases of analysis and planning, design, alpha, beta, gamma, quality assurance testing, and support and maintenance. It also contains special chapters on selecting the right development tool, and contracting with external developers. The book also uses case studies of the development process for various kinds of multimedia programs, to help the reader better understand how to apply the described techniques to their own projects. Whether the reader is developing an electronic slide show for a sales meeting, a trade show kiosk display, a consumer CD-ROM application, or any other kind of multimedia application, this book prepares them to develop a high-quality program, on time and budget.

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