Managing Psychological Trauma: Clinician and Client Resources for the Clinical Skills Series

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Managing Psychological Trauma: Clinician and Client Resources for the Clinical Skills Series 9781920902049

Course Codes : COUN617
ISBN : 9781920902049
Publisher : Talomin Books Pty Ltd
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 1st
Overview Please note that this is not a stand alone book. It is designed to accompany the comprehensive texts on psychological trauma management in the Clinical Skills Series, this manual provides resources and handouts for distribution to clients by busy trauma clinicians (psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counsellors, and mental health nurses). This resource also includes case plans and answers to the questions posed throughout each of the texts in the clinical skills trauma series (titles listed below). Handouts include dozens of effective arousal reduction instruction sheets; numerous monitoring forms (e.g., for the creation of exposure hierarchies; desensitisation monitoring charts; mood monitoring forms; cognitive challenging forms, etc); patient instruction sheets for the numerous therapeutic techniques detailed in the main texts; homework tasks for clients; and various clinical assessment maps, models, and treatment planning tools for use by the clinician. Working through this manual with their clients, trauma clinicians will empower each client to target their symptoms, using structured, evidenced-based tools and techniques. Having all of the treatment strategies summarised and pre-prepared in client-friendly format begins the process of helping the survivor regain control through understanding, and leaves the clinician free to focus upon other important therapeutic issues.


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